Dopo L’arresto, Yasiin Bey E Kanye West Lanciano Un Messaggio Al Mondo

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Da un po’ di giorni stiamo seguendo gli sviluppi legati alla vicenda che ha colpito il rapper e attore Yasiin Bey, arrestato [e poi rilasciato] una settimana fa a Cape Town, città in cui vive dal 2013, perché stava cercando di andare in Etiopia utilizzando un World Passport. Per chi non lo sapesse si tratta di un passaporto creato dall’attivista per la pace Sol Gareth “Garry” Davis, la cui validità si basa sull’articolo 13 (2) della dichiarazione Universale dei diritti dell’Uomo: ognuno ha il diritto di lasciare qualsiasi paese, incluso il suo, e tornare al suo paese.

Il servizio di polizia sudafricano lo ha quindi accusato di aver utilizzato documenti di viaggio falsi, anche se in realtà nel messaggio audio racconta che lo aveva già usato sia a Johannesburg che a Cape Town.  L’8 marzo dovrà comparire a processo mentre alla sua famiglia è stato ordinato di lasciare il Sudafrica entro il 29 gennaio.

Secondo il rapper [precedentemente conosciuto con il nome di Mos Def], dietro al suo arresto e alle dichiarazioni sull’uso di documenti falsi, ci sono solo motivazioni politiche e due giorni fa, in un’apparente telefonata [registrata] con il suo amico Kanye West, ha voluto dire la sua lanciando un messaggio molto forte al mondo.

Oltre ad essere un artista di livello, Yasiin Bey è un personaggio che non si tira indietro quando si tratta di denunciare situazioni che hanno a che fare con i diritti umani. Ricordate il film di quattro minuti di un paio d’anni fa [ancora oggi mi fermo al minuto 01:40] in cui si sottopose volontariamente alla procedura di alimentazione forzata usata a Guantanamo con i prigionieri in sciopero della fame perchè detenuti senza imputazioni a loro carico o processo?

Qeusta è la telefonata tra i due.

Peace, this is Yasiin
No more parties in SA
Please, tell 'em no more parties in SA
[Verse 1]
Ain't home arrest, I don't need to stay
I'll leave and I'll stay away
I committed no crime any place
Why these police up in my face?
Why they raiding my place?
Why I don't feel safe?
This is not an expression of fear
This is just to make things clear
My intentions are pure in coming here
And that's for everything I love or hold dear
Umi's in the building
So is my wife and my children
I committed no crime
Why is the state wasting my time?
They must be out of their minds
I forgive 'em, that's the spirit of divine
I just wanna go where I'm wanted
Where I'm loved, stop frontin'
Where I live is my choice, you cannot mute my voice
Thank you, Kanye West, for being a real friend, a real friend
A real friend
No more parties in SA
Please, no more parties in SA
[Verse 2]
I heard your choice the first time, I'll go away
And when I leave, that's exactly where I'll stay
This is not an expression of fear
This is just to make things clear
A country called Earth, everywhere
A country called Earth, everywhere
No more parties in SA
Please, no more parties in SA
That's just a freestyle; I had to let that out. Peace to all, fear
none, this is Yasiin Bey. At this present time, I am currently in
Cape Town, South Africa, and I'm being prevented from leaving,
unjustly, unlawfully, and without any logical reason. They're
saying that they want to deport my family. Uh, they're making
false claims against me, some of these government officials, even
in the press are making false claims against me, saying that my
travel document that I was traveling with is fictitious, which it
is not. Anyone can do the research about the world passport; it's
not a fictitious document. It is not meant to deceive or derive
unlawful benefit from any nation's state, at all. In fact, the
world passport has been accepted here on numerous occasions in
South Africa, in ports Johannesburg and Cape Town as early as 1996
and as late as 2015. You can see the stamps; they're there at the
World Service Authority for anyone to investigate. To quote Lil
Durk, I am not a liar. I've made no false claims. I have not
misrepresented myself. I'm under unnecessary state supervision and
scrutiny, and I have reason to believe or suspect that there are
political motivations behind the way I'm being treated, because
this is following no reasonable train of logic, as also, um...It's
curious. I haven't broken any law, and I'm being treated like a
criminal. I know I'm not unique in that regard, and I am grateful
that I'm here with my family. I haven't been physically harmed or
anything like that. However, I have been detained. People in this
state have taken punitive action against me, unnecessarily.
There's no reason I have to spend any time in the cell. There's no
reason I had to have police come to my house, damn near six days
later for something that happened at the airport, where nobody
arrested me, and none of that ever happened, at all. This is not
an administration of justice, and all I seek is to leave the
state. I'm not looking to state any future claims against them for
damages and none of that. People keep whatever little state jobs
that they worried about or concerned about losing, because I'm
not- I just wanna go home, and I don't live in America, and I have
the right to domicile wherever I please, without fear or without
The state of South Africa has interfered with my ability to move
or to even fulfill my professional obligations unnecessarily. And
that's fine; we don't have to be enemies and we don't have to be
friends either. My family and I are prepared, immediately, to make
whatever move that we need to make outside of this state, never to
return to this state again. We don't have to be here. We're not
pining to be here, and we’re complying in every possible way,
reasonably. Just today, state officials visited my domicile asking
questions about me and my family, and they had no right to do so.
I have legal representation here who they could easily contact.
They're contravening and breaking all types of international law,
and it's untenable for me to just sit by and just let this go on.
And I know it's been a lot of chatter about what's going on, you
know, people are running to the press, because that's
know, a money making machine. So, it’s another exploitative
measure to turn this into some soap opera, some tele-novella, and
I have no interest in it. Furthermore, related but not directly
related to this: I’m retiring from the music recording industry as
it is currently assembled today, and also from Hollywood,
effective immediately. I am releasing my final album this year.
Um...and that’s that.
Peace to all, fear of none. Thank everyone for their time. Much
success to you, even if you wish me the opposite, as Nas said. And
I'm on the side of the right, so people could wish however they
want, but I ain't nobody's...I ain't no threat or a hazard to
nobody. I really try to mind my business. What people think about
me is none of my business, and I'm not here to change people's
opinions about me. You don't have to like me; you don't have to
like everything that I say. The fact is, is that I have hurt no
one. I have injured no parties, and all I require, as is my lawful
right, is innocent passage to my domicile. That is all.
In summary, I will say this, I will close with a simple prayer: To
the one who has created the all, you know me better than I know
myself, and I know myself better than people know me. So, forgive
me for whatever they know or do not know. Make me better than
whatever is said and do not make me responsible for whatever is
said. Ameen, ameen, allahumma ameen.
And I'll close for you, Ye, with the, with the verse that I kicked
for you on December 31st, when you was in Atlantic City and you
announced that you and Kim were having Nori. And, and, shout out
to Madlib, and Otis, and...and...and Michael and his entire family,
and to Mama Jackson and to the whole Jackson clan in L.A., I wish
you and your family the best, your mother, you know, reach out to
me, Egon, you know, y'all know how to reach. Shout out to Corey
Smyth, shout out to my brother Talib Kweli, salaam to my brother
Kamaal Fareed, Ali Shaeed Muhammad, Islam, all of the Zulu Nation.
The Zulu Nation real; there’s real Zulus. My brother, Siyabonga,
the Madlalas. All of the people here who have supported me: this
is no reflection on you. I love the people of this country. I love
this continent. I do not have to sit idly by and just be
persecuted unfairly by a state. They waste enough of my time
and... I'm through with you Felicia... we're through. I don't want
nothing from you. You can keep the records, the sweatshirts,
everything; it's no problem. But I'll end with this verse that I
wanna put on "No More Parties in LA," if you would kindly allow
me, my dear brother Kanye. And shout out to K. Lamar, too; I see
you, my dude.
Lonely America, crazy America
Loud ass, country ass, cocaine America
Lethal America, carcinogen, asthma
Carbonated smoke throughout your blood plasma
Lights and camera, action, surveillance
Helicopters, teleprompters
Flossy newscasters, rich, fool, bastards
War, migrant workers, cold murder, traffic.
Welcome to Los... stop right there
Biggie got shot right here
Hollywood, hoes, handguns
Peace to all, fear none. This is Bey. Love. One

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