Welcome To Our Re-New-ed GRIOT Home

by Johanne Affricot - Published on 24/02/2021

It was February 5th 2015 and GRIOT was officially entering the world of online blogs and magazines with this first article shared on social media: Run Jose, The real casualties of war. Since then, every year we have postponed our anniversary celebrations. We were planning on celebrating our fifth birthday—the first in real life—in 2020, and we hoped we would be able to do it this year.

For six years we have been writing passionately and working hard, driven by the desire to produce, collect and share contents that could spark inspiration and empowerment, reflection and curiosity, relaxation. We created, produced and curated cultural and artistic projects with the aim of bringing other voices and other bodies to the surface, making them dialogue, merging multiple languages.

In this year of suspension, we committed to reorganizing and redecorating our home, a place we take care of and that has taken care of us. We have made it more simple and accessible, and over time we will work on other small improvements.

Perhaps this is precisely the long-awaited first celebration of our sixth anniversary: ​​a new home for GRIOT, to welcome you and us.

The re-NEW-ed GRIOT Home

Navigating through our brand new homepage and menu you will discover new sections, including NEWS, showcasing editorials, reviews, opinion essays related to Arts, Music, Life+Culture, Style, Film+TV; PEOPLE, a special section dedicated to interviews; GRIOT TV, collecting our three documentary series: Visions | Guiss Guiss, Motherland>, and The Expats. The Untold Stories of Black Italians Abroad; our space: GRIOT SPACE, a platform for experimentation, exploration and discussion, and more.

Welcome to our re-New-ed GRIOT home!

Cover images | 1. Silvia Rosi, Studio Portrait, (2016); 2. Nadine Ijewere, Untitled (2018); 3. Chantal James, Kola San Jon; 4. Monira Al Qadiri, Diver (2013); 5. Thaina O x FGUK Magazine by Travis Owen; 6. MIRRORS, by GRIOT (2019), Photo by Federica di Benedetto; 7. Sanford Biggers in Motherland > (2017), Photo by Marco Brunelli; 8. Antonia Caruso, Maura Gancitano, Ilaria Leccardi. Artwork by Rokhaya Seck/GRIOT; 9. Mélissa Laveaux in Motherland > (2017), Photo by Marco Brunelli; 10. David Blank e PNKSAND in Foreplay, Photo by Lawrence Oluyede.

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