To Catch A Dream | A Striking Kenian Fashion Short Movie

by Johanne Affricot - Published on 24/03/2015

There are a whole bunch of beautiful short movies that can be found on the Internet. To catch a dream is one of these, a real masterpiece from The Nest – a Kenyan multidisciplinary art collective that works within the fields of film, visual arts, music and fashion – together with Chico Leco, their in-house fashion program which involves award winning fashion Kenyan designers.

The 13 minute short film – written and directed by Nairobi-based visual artist Jim Chuchu – stars Kenyan super model Ajuma Nasenyama in the leading role of a grieving widow tormented with nightmares of her dead husband. After having attempted to end them by taking pills, she decides to explore a fairy-tale remedy which leads her to the Dream World, a breath-taking, mystic and primordial landscapes inhabited by mysterious people with magic powers.

Entirely shot in Kenya, not only Jim Chucu and Kenyan-born stylist and creative director Sunny Dolat succeeded in their aim to push the fashion into the background and have a story-driven narrative, they also show the viewers the beautiful landscapes of Lake Naivasha, Magadi and Nairobi which reflect three elements of life: earth, air and water.

You can stream and download the film’s orginal soundtrack – also by Chuchu – on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

To Catch a Dream by The Nest e Chico Leco
Creative Director | Sunny Dolat
Director | Jim Chuchu
Written by | Jim Chuchu
Feauturing | Ajuma NasenyanaLenght | 13 minutes
Language | Kenyan dialects

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