Pitti Uomo | Rainy Pitti/89

by GRIOT - Published on 15/01/2016

The 89th edition of Pitti Uomo has just come to an end. Yesterday, Fortezza Da Basso was hit by a light rain that did not grey out the spirit of the participants, thanks to the numerous shows that blended music, art and fashion and to the extravagant and elegant rainbow of colors, styles and garments that lit up the entire day.
griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte22
griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte11griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte9griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte21griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte6griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte1griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte7griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte17griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte19griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte23griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte24griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte20griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte14griot-mag-pitti-uomo-89-firenze-fortezza-da-basso-©samuel duarte55
Text and images | Samuel Duarte

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