‘Music Is Inside Us’ | Watch DJ Katapila’s Documentary

by Celine Angbeletchy - Published on 12/02/2020

“I’m a DJ, I have to educate people, I have to entertain them” says Ishmael Abbey, aka DJ Katapila, in the opening scenes of this short documentary we came across a while ago about his artistic journey .

The Ghanaian DJ and producer told us all about it a few years ago: the early beginnings, the inspiration and anecdotes behind his infectious beats, the serendipitous encounter that brought him to fame and more. In this film released via DAT Films, DJ Katapila retraces his incredible story and breaks down once again the cultural and social roots behind his most famous tracks, accompanied by visually stunning glimpses of Jamestown’s urban life, one of Accra’s most famous neighbourhoods.

Pivotal figure in the capital’s music scene, Katapila’s music catches the ethos of Accra’s cross-generational love for music and he wants everybody to understand it and be a part of it. If you don’t, you can simply ask him.

Watch the documentary below.

Main image | Still video from the documentary DJ Katapila 

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