On the occasion of SEDIMENTS. After Memory, an exhibition curated by Johanne Affricot and Eric Otieno Sumba, we met up with one of the exhibiting artists, artist duo Las Nietas de Nonó to talk about their work FOODTOPIA: después de todo territorio which had its Europe premiere at the exhibition that ran at Mattatoio museum in Rome, between June and September 2022.

by GRIOT - Published on 28/12/2022
muloway nonó. Video still da/from Motherland > Las Nietas de Nonó

In this new episode of MOTHERLAND ▷ mulowayi nonó tells us about the sensory disconnect between the modern consumer and the food that keeps them alive, in the context of their community in Barrio San Antón, Puerto Rico.

Both a film and a record of a durational performance, their work FOODTOPIA: después de todo territorio documents Las Nietas de Nonó walking for 28 days through abandoned buildings and streams filled with debris, harvesting wild fruits, hunting an invasive species of iguana, and cooking a meal with their gathered food.

For Las Nietas de Nonó food is a key element in creating relationships and connections with the local and global Afro-diasporic community, recreating memory and spirituality, and enabling the re-appropriation of cultural processes lost to colonisation and invasion.

The afro-diasporic siblings mulowayi and mapenzi make up the duo Las Nietas de Nonó. In their creative process, they evoke ancestral memory through personal archives. Their practice incorporates performance, found objects, organic materials, ecology, fiction, video and installation”.

Created and directed by | SPAZIO GRIOT
Video and editing | Atlantide

SEDIMENTS. After Memory
Curated by | SPAZIO GRIOT
Promoted by | Roma Culture e Azienda Speciale Palaexpo
Co-produced and organised by | SPAZIO GRIOT in collaboration with Azienda Speciale Palaexpo
Main Sponsor | GUCCI
Supported by | Museo delle Civiltà
In collaboration with | American Academy in Rome, British School at Rome, British Council
Technical sponsor | Orbita Spellbound

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