MOTHERLAND ▷ Sasha Huber

MOTHERLAND ▷ Sasha Huber

Sasha Huber is a Swiss Haitian Finnish visual artist born in Zurich, living and working in Helsinki. Part of the Finnish group show SuomIngorgo, curated by Krista Eirene Mikkola e Riikka Vainio, we met Huber during her one week artist residency in Rome, within the frame of Macro Asilocurated by Giorgio de Finis while she was creating the portrait of Ojibwa Haitian African American artist Edmonia Lewis (1844–1907), a quite estabilished sculptress, and one of the firsts black women who lived in Rome between the XIX and XX century.

From ‘Demounting Louis Agassiz’ to ‘The Firsts’, in this new MOTHERLAND ▷ short doc we explored Huber’s work, which is primarily concerned with the politics of memory and belonging, particularly in relation to colonial residues left in the environment and society, and their effect on our contemporary times.

Created and Directed by | Johanne Affricot
Camera and Editing | Marco Brunelli

MOTHERLAND ▷ is GRIOT’s TV section featuring exclusive short documentaries with the artists, cultural producers, creatives who inspires us the most, from Africa and the African Diaspora. From Italy and the world.

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Cover Image | Sasha Huber – Photo by © Marco Brunelli

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