Moments | Cipherella’s New Video Is Out And It Is Directed By Daniela Zoe Croci

by Celine Angbeletchy - Published on 07/06/2017

“Have you ever been overwhelmed? Lost? Confused about what steps you need to take to be where you need to be? Money low, but someone is always in your pocket? Energy low, but someone is always in your ear wanting to talk about things that honestly could be avoided had they listened to the advice you gave the first time? Have you ever just wanted to take a break and be to yourself to think and be and do what you need to do but those around you won’t allow you to do that? Then you, my friend, needed a MOMENT, ” wonders and answers Cipherella.
griot mag cipherella moments zoe daniela croci video musicCipherella has finally released the first track of her highly anticipated solo album and the video is an enigmatic out-of-body surrealist experience directed by Italian director Daniela Zoe Croci.

Brandi “Cipherella” Stephney, aka Omega Born, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, musician, poet and activist. Born in Alabama, she moved to New York with her mother after losing her home in a tornado. Cipherella became well-known in 2014 with the acclaimed single What Ya Gon’ Do and built her reputation with her roles as host of the open mic events at the NuYorican’s Poets Café and as one of the judges of Supreme Bars: The Ultimate Emcee and Producer Battle.

Moments, produced by Miracal, is the first of four singles that anticipate her long-awaited solo album. The video is a surreal exploration of the frustrated human ego between lucid nightmares and dreams, exorcising the paranoia of everyday life. A concept that is fully embraced in the fantastic video directed by Daniela Zoe Croci that in the last few days was selected for three Film Festivals, including the Hip-Hop Film Festival held next August in New York.

“I couldn’t be happier to have worked with this dope female rapper, who inspired me to build this artistic storyline. I’ve been waiting to work with an artist like her since I started my career as film maker and this project was so great thanks to the amazing job of the DP Armando Croda and the art director Yeimi Salazar. Shout out to the lovely crew Alex Noppel Briseño, Giorgia Rojas Monaco, Marc Parroquín, Josh Iowa, Oliver Chiu, Nickolas Vaughan, Shareba Covington, Superchief Studios and many others” the director revealed.

These two formidable artists and their team have been able to match lyrics, music and visuals into a video that explores the negative sides of our ego that corrupts our daily search for inner serenity.

Italian – Moments | Fuori il nuovo video di Cipherella con la regia di Daniela Zoe Croci

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