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Representing present-day Italy through the voices and stories of ten women of the contemporary Italian cultural scene. This is the aim of Ritratti di Donne (Portraits of Women), a gallery of ten short videos that illustrate the success and great personality of Italian women.

by GRIOT - Published on 05/03/2021
Pictured above, from the left: Marianna Vitale (chef.fe stellata), Fabrizia Sacchi (attrice), Linda Di Pietro (manager culturale, imprenditrice), Johanne Affricot (curatrice e produttrice culturale), Silvia Camporesi (artista). Pictured below, from the left: Carla Tomasi (restauratrice), Gaia Furrer (direttrice artistica), Petra Magoni, (musicista e cantante), Laura Bosetti Tonatto (creatrice di profumi), Antonella Lattanzi (scrittrice e sceneggiatrice)

Ritratti di donne is  a short video-portrait series part of italiana, a project developed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote Italian language, culture and creativity worldwide. Among the protagonists of Ritratti di Donne, there’s also our founder and artistic director, Johanne Affrticot.

“…As the founder of GRIOT, and as ‘custodian(s)’ of these stories, we feel the need to multiply and amplify them every day. And also the stories of many Italians who are still waiting to be recognized as Italians. Linda di Pietro, another protagonist of this series, uses important and powerful words in her video which I would like to borrow: ‘…Negotiation, compromise and diplomacy are fundamental, but at a certain point you have to decide which side you want to be on…’ My wish, my invitation to the Italian politics is to be on the side of this plural Italy of which I speak in my portrait and that WE all belong to. Many thanks to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for choosing me to promote Italy around the world,” Affricot writes on her social media account.

Ritratto 1. Johanne Affricot, curatrice culturale – SubEng from italiana on Vimeo.

Portraits of Women: The Protagonists

Johanne Affricot, culture curator, Laura Bosetti Tonatto, perfume designer, Silvia Camporesi, artist, Linda Di Pietro, cultural executive enterpriser, Gaia Furrer, artistic director of Giornate degli Autori, Antonella Lattanzi, author and screenwriter, Petra Magoni, musician and singer, Fabrizia Sacchi, actress, Carla Tomasi, restorer of ancient and antique art, Marianna Vitale, starred chef. These are the protagonists of the short video-portrait series directed by Annamaria Granatello, president and director of Premio Solinas—Solinas Award, and produced by Kino Produzioni.

italiana: the platform

Brand new content of italiana is already available on the portal. All of it was born from the collaboration with artists, festivals and cultural partners: the musical journeys of JazzLife with Umbria Jazzì; Ritratti di donne—Portraits of Women, realised in collaboration with the Premio Solinas (Solinas Award); the Vivere all’Italiana sul palcoscenico e in musica performances (Classical and Jazz); the documentary Testimoni dei Testimoni by Studio Azzurro; the podcast series of Music & the Cities with Studio33.

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