Where are you all going? Don’t leave us alone

Where are you all going? Don’t leave us alone

What’s going on? Where are you all going? Don’t leave us alone. We’re a generation unable to create rightful myths, revolutionary and strong ideas.

Innovation, redemption, integration, magnificence.

We don’t know the poetry of the struggle, nor how to protect an ideal without suffering, waiting, forbearing and sacrificing. Those ideals for whom history and histories are written, for whom entire lives face sacrifice, for whom art, memory, future and memory of the future is created.

Where are you all going? We still need your songs, fights, music. We still need your rage. We need hope and poetry, hope from poetry, hope of change.

Where are you all going together? Don’t you know that we will miss your model? Don’t you know that having only your photos and quotes will not suffice?

Do you think we can make it on our own? Is this the ultimate test?

Please, next time stay a while longer.

Featured image | Prince and Muhammad Ali during a press conference announcing the World Healing Project and Honours Benefit Concert, a grand benefit concert to promote international harmony and tolerance. (via)

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