Chic Situations With Edward Buchanan’s Sansovino 6

by GRIOT - Published on 14/09/2016

“Casting Female Dancers that Can Drop it, Pop It, Lock It, Shake It, Bake It, and look Chic while doing it. Trained or Untrained Improvisational hotness, please be available on Friday, September 23, 2016 in Milano, Italy. We are looking for great dancers with a unique look.” This is a message from Sansovino 6, an Italian luxury brand founded by Ohio-raised, Milano-based designer Edward Buchanan, one of our favorites. We chatted with him last December; if you want to get to know this visionary and sophisticated talent, and take a peek into his world, his activism, and his poetry, check out our interview.

You might be wondering: Why are they casting female dancers? Buchanan debuted his knitwear line last February at Milano Moda Donna and in June at Pitti Filati-Pitti Italics, part of the four-day Pitti Uomo trade show in Florence. In both presentations, he created a dance hall with a live disco performance by The Hustle. Supermodel Debra Shaw and dance masters Stephen Galloway and Michael-John Harper alongside the models brought a touch of magic to the shows, which were positively acclaimed by media and attendees.
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So, if you love “Knitted Situations and Things” and believe you can “Drop it, Pop It, Shake It, Bake It and look Chic while doing it,” contact Sansovino6 for more details. Don’t forget to attach clear photos of yourself in your email.

Sansovino 6

Images | Courtesy of Sansovino 6 –  Featured Image | Debra Shaw – Look // Zelinda Zanichelli – Mood // Piotr Niepsuj

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