Black Power Tarot | Would You Ever Visit A Card Teller If The Answer Was “Tupac”?

by GRIOT - Published on 22/10/2015

Imagine for just a second of being in one of those times in life when you have so many questions spinning around your mind yet you just cannot find the answers, and that for a blink, you decide to search for these answers from a card teller.

“Hell no” you will say, “I could never ever get cards read. It’s just a gimmick for old women with too much time and imagination, for naive men or for those who have nothing better to do than ask ‘is he cheating on me?’, ‘will I ever get rich?’, ‘will I ever be respected?,’ or ‘shall I forgive him?’ (we know there is a lot more behind it).

We are sure that you would change your mind in a heartbeat if you would get an answer like Tupac, Huey Newton or Tina Turner.

griot-magazine-Black Power Tarot-tina turner
Black Power Tarot is an idea of King Khan – frontman of King Khan and the Shrines – illustrated by graphic artist Michael Eaton and under the supervision of the legendary director, spiritual guru and Tarot Maestro Alejandro Jodorowsky (the one from El Topo and The Holy Mountain, two must-watches).

The project shares the stories of 22 relevant characters of the African American culture: musicians, activists, public figures, comedians, and other important figures.

The cards are inspired by the original Marseille Tarots, brought back to the ancient splendor and symbology by the last of the descendants of the Camoin family – guardian of the tradition of the Tarots for more than two centuries – and Jodorowsky.

A real work of art that will make you puzzle, discover – or rediscover – who is behind these faces. Exactly. The cards do not have the names of the depicted characters – it would be way too easy.

We already know you will recognize instantly Malcolm X, James Brown, Tupac and Tina Turner. The others? Good luck.

griot-magazine-Black Power Tarot-
If you want to become a card teller or if you already do it, you can try buying them on Etsy.

Illustration | Micheal Eaton

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