Berlin Afro-House Reps Freak De L’Afrique Are Set To Drop ‘Mama Eh’

by Celine Angbeletchy - Published on 23/08/2017

Berlin is famous worldwide for its excellent techno scene. However, the ever-growing love for afro-lusophone sounds has caught on in the German capital, so much so that a new sub genre was born, the Berlin Afro-House. Amongst the reps of this up-and-coming scene are duo Freak De L’Afrique, i.e. DJ Mistah Wallizz and DJ Cambel Nomi.

The two have worked together for long, organising monthly nights such as the Black Paper and the Afro House Experience, and on August 26 they will release their single Mama Eh on Man Recordings.

The song, accompanied by a lively clip, is a true dance floor hit with a strong UK funky influence that will literally make you jump off your chair.

What’s more, the release features two remixes by the producers Jowaa and by the angolan artist DJ X Trio. The video was shot in Luanda and it is a jubilation of energy created by the choreographies of the dancers that Wallizz unsuccessfully tries to join at one point.

All kidding aside, Freak de L’Afrique share a real love for Angola and its music styles, which they consider to be their main source of inspiration.

You can listen and pre-order Mama Eh here.

Cover Image | (c) via facebook

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