Artist Residency | SPAZIO GRIOT: Second Congress Of Black Writers And Artists

The third artist resideny of SPAZIO GRIOT is held alongside this year’s summer exhibition and public programme, Reverberations. From June 20 to July 28, at Mattatoio in Rome.

by GRIOT - Published on 07/06/2024
Oasi Solaria

SPAZIO GRIOT: Second Congress of Black Artists and Writers is a new SPAZIO GRIOT residency. The residency draws upon the landmark event held in Rome between March 25 to April 1, 1959. The Congress, which followed the inaugural Paris 1956 congress, was organized by Présence Africaine and the Société Africaine de Culture, in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano per l’Africa. It sparked critical conversations on crucial themes, focusing on the unity and responsibility of Black-African culture, and its autonomy and emancipation from the Western world. The Congress brought together more than 150 intellectuals from Africa, Americas/The Antilles, Europe.

The inaugural cohort of residents in 2024 are Brianda Carreras (multidisciplinary artist), Immaculate Ruému (chef), and Damiano Tata (artist and producer).

The new SPAZIO GRIOT residency is part of a broader five-year programme, building up towards the 70th anniversary of the Congress in 2029. Reflecting on the legacy of the Second Congress and its contemporary relevance and echoes, and using multiple tools of community engagement and collaborative action, our programme will foster dialogue and exchange with local communities as well as institutions and organizations.

Each year, nominated artists, writers, and creatives are invited to spend time in Rome to explore new ideas around the themes of the Congress and expand their practice by either extending projects or embarking on new endeavors. Residents are also encouraged to present their work at a public event within a year of concluding the residency.

The residency aims to provide a unique and high-quality opportunity for artists, writers and creatives to receive mentorship and to connect residents to peers in Italy and with international networks and communities, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering a sense of global solidarity and unity. At the same time, the residency continues a critical conversation about the accessibility to the arts and cultural scenes.

The 2024 residency, which will take place between June and July 2024, will be led by mentor, Chris Cyrille, alongside SPAZIO GRIOT’s Johanne Affricot and Eric Otieno Sumba. It will feature mentoring and working sessions, studio and museum visits, and artistic exchanges with established artists, theorists, curators from all over the world.

‘SPAZIO GRIOT: Second Congress of Black Writers and Artists 2024′ is co-produced with and supported by OASI SOLARIA, a biodynamic agricultural estate at the gates of Rome. 

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