Agender | The Third Sex On Display

by Johanne Affricot - Published on 04/03/2015

In the beginning it was Germany. Officially.

On 1 November, 2013, the progressive and open-minded Germany became one of the first countries in the world – the first one in Europe – to recognize third sex, allowing the parents of babies without clear physical gender characteristics to register their babies as intersex children. A big step forward.

Then came the turn of Fw 2015-16 Men’s shows…

Collections sent down the runway were marked by an evident profusion of ambiguity – we are not referring to Rick Owens’ boys with their tiny penises sticking out all over the runway– that seemed to be a clear statetement that men and women can really share a wardrobe.

…and finally that of Agender

Moving away from the tradition of a societal and sartorial binary gender definition, Selfrdiges promises it we will take its customers on a journey where they can choose to shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes.

Launching in mid-March, Selfridges will introduce a gender neutral concept space for six weeks with photography, film, music and design pieces exploring the idea of gender.

Below Nicola Formichetti’s collection Nicopanda, among the unisex lines offer at the store.

We were wondering why only six weeks.

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