Shanelle Nyasiase for Purple magazine

Shanelle Nyasiase for Purple magazine

griot -mag -Shanelle Nyasiase Purple-Magazine-February-2020-Suffo-Moncloa-griot mag -Shanelle-Nyasiase-Purple-Magazine-February-2020-Suffo-Moncloa-griot mag Shanelle-Nyasiase-Purple-Magazine-February-2020-Suffo-Moncloa-griot -mag Shanelle Nyasiase-Purple-Magazine-February-2020-Suffo-Moncloa-griot mag -Shanelle-Nyasiase Purple-Magazine-February-2020-Suffo-Moncloa-griot -mag -Shanelle-Nyasiase-Purple-Magazine-February-2020-Suffo-Moncloa-

Credits | Purple Magazine

Model | Shanelle Nyasiase
Photographer | Suffo Moncloa
Stylist | Naomi Itkes
Hair Stylist | Pawel Solis
MUA | Karin Westerlund
Casting | Emilie Åström Model

Year ~ February 2020

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