Open Call For Images | GRIOT curates next Guest Room over at Der Greif

Open Call For Images | GRIOT curates next Guest Room over at Der Greif

Griot founder and creative director has been invited to curate a Guest Room online exhibition over at Der Greif, award-winning international organization for contemporary photography.

The aim of Guest Room is to spark collaborations. That’s why Johanne Affricot chose to team up with Silvia Rosi in choosing the theme for the installment.

Silvia is an Italian/Togolaise, London-based artist working with photography, text and video to explore ideas of memory, origins and diaspora. She is the recipient of the Jerwood Photoworks Awards (2020)

Silvia provided the following quote by Chinua Achebe from the novel Things Fall Apart as a framework for your submissions: “There is no story that is not true […] The world has no end, and what is good among one people is an abomination with others.”


You can sumbit your work until June 25th. The online exhbition will open in July on Der Greif’s website and Instagram. Head over to Der Greif and submit your work.

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Cover Image | Johanne Affricot (left) and Silvia Rosi (right)

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