MIA gives voice to H&M for the World Recycle Week

MIA gives voice to H&M for the World Recycle Week

H&M calls, MIA answers back. For the World Recycle Week, April 18th-24th, the fast fashion colossus has decided to renew its environmental efforts promoting the collection of used garments so to make new ones off of them. Last September there was Iggy Pop inviting you not to wear underpants.

So, if you find some rags – both stylish or not – lying around the house, do not only think you are contributing to a more sustainable world, in exchange Mr. Hennes & Mauritz will give you a voucher to spend in the stores.

To reinforce the message, the Swedes have well though to choose the voice of MIA, the British singer who has always been sensitive to these issues.

For the occasion she has made a video, out on April 11 – 7 days before the campaign kicks off -, highlighting the environmental impact of garments ending up in landfill.

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Gaylor Mangumbu

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