Men Kissing Men | This is how you troll a troll

Men Kissing Men | This is how you troll a troll

“This is a video of men kissing men.” And that’s exactly what happens. Men affectionately kissing each other, with love and passion, holding each other at the waist, with a feeling you could only understand if you’ve ever engaged in it yourself. This project goes far beyond the intangible. It is a powerful form of digital awareness.

We love the glitter and the fun but we are realists, so to support causes (and people) we believe in, we also have to keep in mind the economic factor: for every homophobic comment made about the video, one dollar will be donated to the victims of the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and their families (now don’t purposely leave homophobic comments because you’ll be taking away from the honesty of this project, in addition to playing a dangerous game.)

Dylan Marron and Seriously TV have cleverly figured out how to troll the trolls by turning something negative into a positive.

Text | Griot contributor Giulia Crippa

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