Coronavirus | What is the challenge ahead? We don’t know, but we are ready

Coronavirus | What is the challenge ahead? We don’t know, but we are ready

Social media gave us the opportunity to be everywhere. GRIOT’s founder, editors and partners are based in Italy, the UK and Germany. But GRIOT was founded in Rome, Italy. Most of our current and past contributors, and our Italian audience are based between Rome and Milan.

As a media platform that produces editorial and video contents, and as a creative, artistic and cultural collective, we have been strongly committed to creating physical spaces to meet each other since our foundation. Spaces where we can share and express our concerns, ideas, visions and experiences through different forms of creativity, art and culture.

Italy has been severely hit by the novel Coronavirus, many people are dying, especially in the Northern region of Lombardia—our second Italian home—and it’s devastating. Even if we have temporarily paused any planning of live activities, we know that this moment will pass and when it does we must be conscious and ready to navigate a new reality.

A new unknown challenge is ahead, here and in the rest of the world. We at GRIOT can’t wait for this moment to happen and to give our contribution to recreating our shared reality once again.

Johanne Affricot, Celine Angbeletchy, Eric Otieno

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Cover Image | The Italian tricolour flag dresses the facade of Palazzo Senatorio, Piazza Campidoglio (Rome, Italy) on the occasion of the Unification of Italy’s day, March 17th, 2020


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