Afropunk lands in Senegal with The Takeover-Dakar

Afropunk lands in Senegal with The Takeover-Dakar

The Afropunk marvel continues to surprise and expand across the world. After Afropunk Fest Brooklyn (New York), Afropunk Fest Atlanta, Afropunk Fest Paris, Afropunk Fest London, and Afropunk Fest Joburg, the creators and organizers of the most celebratory festival of blackness in the world added another African city to their map, Dakar.

The Senegalese chapter, AFROPUNK The Takeover Dakar will be the first Afropunk event in West Africa, indeed, a smaller and more intimate version of the much bigger festival we got so familiar with, and it will run for 3 days, May 2nd, 4th and 5th, at the Hotel Sokhamon, in the heart of Dakar.

An incredible lineup of ground breaking icons and up and coming talents will unravel during the 3 days, alongside exhibitions, installations, art performances, pop-up stores and “many other surprises”, was announced in a note.

Keziah Jones, Ibaku, Raashan Ahmad, Tie & The Love Process, the ACF, and many more. What’s more, if you manage to attend, you will kill two birds with one stone since in the same days Dak’Art – The Dakar Biennale, will inaugurate its 13th edition. Can we ask for more?

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