A GLITCH IN THE SYSTEM | Deconstructing stereotypes at Photo Vogue Festival

A GLITCH IN THE SYSTEM | Deconstructing stereotypes at Photo Vogue Festival

Just a few days to go until the opening of the fourth edition of Photo Vogue Festival, an event promoting photographic culture in all its forms.
As for the previous years, this year’s edition will offer exhibitions, film screenings, portfolio reviews and other events, as well as the chance to meet and discuss current issues in our societies. In 2016 the festival focused on the power of the feminine gaze in the arts (The Female Gaze). In 2017 it covered the political significance of fashion imagery (Fashion and Politics), while in 2018 the theme was the promotion of diversity and inclusivity for a deeper understanding of our contemporaneity (Embracing Diversity). This year the festival will analyse concepts around the idea of being considered different, because of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, with A glitch in the system: deconstructing stereotypes (2019).

Within the past few years, conversations surrounding diversity and inclusivity in the fashion and art industries have become so widespread to the extent that it has become questionable as to whether the industries’ sporadically skewed view on the matter as a trend has resulted in more bad than it has good.

“Even corporations which have been compelled by the best of intentions in attempts to join the movement, have instead found themselves under fire for further enforcing racial and cultural stereotypes; as a result of approaching the issues from imprecise or desultory points of view,” as read on Vogue.

We are happy to bring our contribute to the talk A glitch in the system: deconstructing stereotypes, hosted by the journalist and creative producer Jordan Anderson, and with the participation of the writer and entrepreneur Nafisa Bakkar (Amaliah‘s founder, a platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women), of the journalist, designer and fashion consultant William Ndatira, and of our founder and creative director, Johanne Affricot.
In conversation with these industry insiders who have had both first hand experiences as well as conducted extensive research, the talk will delve deep into discussion on what it means to be considered disparate or “glitches” within today’s industry, be it through race, religion, gender or sexuality. In turn, we will discuss a vast variety of thoughts, experiences and perspectives surrounding the politics behind the veneers of the catchwords diversity & inclusion and explore ways in which we can work together as a community to spark effective change of traditionally exclusive industries so as to move towards systems that aim to not only to include but be au courant with differences of all kinds.
from 7pm to 8pm
Base Milano, Via Bergognone, 34
Talk in English
Free Entrance

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